4.Video play

ipc360 Video play

When the camera is online, you can tap on the name of camera on the page of “My Camera” to enter the video play page.

Live video

Multiple kinds of gestures could be used to adjust the video image, such as touch, tap, swipe and pinch.

ipc360 Live video

Icon   4.Video play 9 shows up when playing panoramic camera video. Tap on it to switch between different modes of image display.

Video recording

If a Micro SD card is installed in the camera or the cloud storage service is subscribed (Please refer to term 7 to have detailed knowledge of cloud storage), video recordings will be stored in the card or cloud in loop way.

Drag your finger on the timeline 4.Video play 10 to replay the recordings that are saved on the Micro SD card or cloud. Blue color indicates that the recordings are saved on the Micro SD card while green color indicates the recordings are saved on the cloud.

4.Video play 11

Please power off the camera before inserting /removing the Micro SD card. If blue color does not show up on the time period section, please check if the card is still in normal status.

Save recording onto mobile phone

When you are playing live or recorded video, it is easy to save MP4 video file or JPEG image file on your mobile phone by tapping 4.Video play 12 or 4.Video play 13 icon. You can find the files in album page and simply share them on social medias.


  1. cl

    I have an sd card in the camera but it doesn’t record unless I manually record during live video. How do I set to record continuously

  2. Jethro Powell

    The camera switches off after a period of time, how do I stop this from happening? I want live video playback indefinitely.

  3. mymy

    Hello !
    I have a black screen when i click button “playback” on IPC360 for PC.
    I’m french and my english is bad but, i think, you understand me.
    Thanks for your help.

  4. pritam

    The save recording method is impossible if i want a recording of 3 to 4 hours.
    Is there a method for saving long duration recording.

  5. Vicky

    How do I playback the video files on the memory card / SD card? I want them as normal video files that I can edit and cut and speed up.

    They are all .h264 files. I’ve looked up tutorials on how to get VLC to play .h264 files, and how to convert them to other formats, but these files are just not working. I have successfully got other .h264 from other cameras to playback and convert, but these ones from IPC360 cannot be played or converted.

    I don’t want to watch them or save them in real time on my phone or PC. That is so much time wasted! If you have recorded a day’s worth of footage do you want to spend another whole day just to watch/save it? NO. You want to download the footage so you can scroll through it and speed it up. But scrolling through recorded video in the app takes very long to load, and you cannot speed it up in the app.

    So how do I make use of the video files that are saved on the memory card? How come I can’t use them as normal video files?

    • Augusto

      Ciao… Ho il tuo stesso problema… Tu per caso sei riuscito a aprire o convertire questi file? Io non riesco… Grazie

    • graziano

      Same problem, Help please

    • Jason Penarelli

      Is there a solution to watching and or editing these files with a PC? I am experiencing the same issue as the post above.

  6. susan

    camera recording stop working still getting alerts but can not view recording can only view live

  7. Neal

    The SD card. Can you tell me how it comes out as tried both push to click and just pulling it out and it will not come out?

  8. Ben Larkin

    My videos do not save to cloud even tho I have purchased the cloud package and have the right settings activated, on the active screen where you view your recordings it’s just blank with nothing on the timeline

  9. Chris

    How do I access the videos which are stored on the cloud if the camera is completely destroyed

  10. braley@btinternet.com

    [email protected]

    Why can’t I remove the SD card and play the videos on my PC?

  11. Stephen

    Trying to play video back from cloud but getting random times and dates when only Trying to go back 5mins

  12. Jared

    Where do you put the sd memory card

  13. Murillo

    How to solve the problem: “You have long time without operation, you can click play button to start play” . This happens constantly. I want to record a long period

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