User’s manual

Original Binding Account

PC software prompt is asking for ‘original binding account’. Set the camera password in Camera Settings > Encryption Mode > Customized Encryption and enter it in the PC software to view it.


Q: Any WiFi connection tips? A: Camera can only support 2.4G frequency signal,and 802.11b/g/n WiFi network. 1.The connected WiFi password should be less than 16 characters, and can not contain the special characters, such as: @¥!ect (suggest to revise the … Read More

PC software instructions

Please note that: you need to add the camera done in your phone first and then you can use the PC to view the vide. Otherwise it will prompt an error: There is on device go and bind the device … Read More

9.Panoramic navigation

Panoramic navigation is a kind of unique operation mode for Pan&Tilt Camera, with which you can simply rotate the camera exactly to the direction you want just by a “tap”. Creating panoramic navigation picture When a Pan&Tilt camera is added, you … Read More

8.Camera shooting angle &Mounting type

In term of vision field, camera can be classified as panoramic type and common type, each one of which has its suitable shooting angel and mounting method. Panoramic camera Three options of shooting angles are available for panoramic camera (1)Horizontal:Mount … Read More

7.Cloud storage

  Definition Cloud storage refers to a technical service that uploads video recordings of a camera to a cloud server for storage. With the cloud storage function, you can avoid the risk of losing valuable video recordings which might occur when you use … Read More

6.APP setting—setting page

5.Alert function—message page

 Enable/Disable alert function On “My Camera” page, tap on or icon to turn off/on alert function. When the camera detects a moving object, it generates an alert message, and the cloud server then sends it to your APP. The message shows … Read More

4.Video play

When the camera is online, you can tap on the name of camera on the page of “My Camera” to enter the video play page. Live video Multiple kinds of gestures could be used to adjust the video image, such as … Read More

3.Add a camera

Power on the camera and wait for 40-50 seconds until the red status light is flashing, which means the camera is booted up. If the status light is not flashing or flashing green light, please press the reset button for … Read More