New users will need to register a user account before experiencing the features of APP.

Please use your email address to create a new account. Tap on “Obtain” to receive a verification code in your mailbox and enter it to finish the registration. (Mobile phone registration is only available for China mainland users)

If you forgot your password, tap

1.Registration/Login 1

 to enter the Retrieve password page. A verification code will be sent to your mailbox and you will be able to change your password.


  1. Richard Boulter

    How do I register please?

    • admin


      Register in the app

      • Joe Medina

        When i click obtain, your email comes in the quarantine box about 10 minutes later, after the app times out. Then the code is no longer any good. So i cant register with my email address.

      • Steve

        When I type in my Emailadress within the app, confirm the checkbox and tap on ‘next step’ nothing happens resp. I don’t receive an Email with the Confirmationcode. How to proceed?

        • Steve

          …it worked – I had to tap the button for requesting the code instead of next step 🙂

      • Raymond Kelly

        How do i change the email address on my ipc360

    • Marcello Guiso

      did you register ? how ?

      • Vin


    • james

      how can you register through the app when i dont receive any emails. think i might just return as im not getting anywhere

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  3. k

    if a new user logs into a camera will they receive the old footage?

  4. John A Mattero

    I own 2 homes , in TWO different STATES, could you please explain how I can setup my 2nd set of cameras .
    For this Lets call SET #1 OLD HOUSE ( which works fine)

    My guess is in the NEW house, the NEW cameras are looking for the OLD House wifi address .
    AND Before You say it, I DID try using cables vs wifi in the NEW house .
    so how do we do this? set up another account?
    (just thought of that, going to get this to you while I try that, downloading the IP360 PRO app)
    thank you
    I’ll be leaving NEW home , hoping to hear before I leave. thank you again

    • admin


      Add a camera directly, you can add multiple cameras to one account.

      • John A Mattero

        now , are we (you) going to be more helpful ? or do I install a different system and rate YOUR system accordingly?

  5. Aubrey

    Can you connect a camera without wifi/internet?

  6. ana andueza

    je n’arrive pas à créer un compte

  7. KevinK

    Hello, how can I transfer admin privileges to someone else?

  8. Marcello Guiso

    How to register – there is nothing in the app

    • admin


      Sorry, I don’t understand

      • Massimiliano

        There’s no chance to register. No “create user” button nor “register”, “access with….”, whatever.
        Application asks for loging & password only. I just downloaded the latest version for android and windows, none of them allows to register

  9. Eberhard Kaiser

    Das registrieren mit der App funktionier nicht!! Es wird kein Registrierungs-Code an die email-Adresse gesendet! Somit kommt man mit der App nicht weiter!!!

  10. Petr Tuma

    Unable to register. There is no email …. it is not in the SPAM folder either. Where is the problem?

  11. César

    Hi. PC app does not provide any “forgot password” option.

  12. Natalie

    I recently purchased a Victure PC730 and have installed the IPC360 app to be able to view my CCTV video footage. I shared the camera with another person via the app, however the person who I have shared the camera with cannot see alerts and past clips, nor can he scroll back in the video timeline, it says he does not have authorisation. I cannot find via the app how to provide permission for him to do this. Please can you help?

  13. Artur

    There’s no “register new account” button in the app. How am I supposed to register?

  14. John sin

    What the default camera WiFi password.

  15. Walter McLean

    I’m same no registration in app

  16. Max

    I can’t registra un account because isn’t possibile with the app. There is not a field for the first registration. Can you help me?

  17. Jamie jansen

    Can i login to the cloud from a laptop or tablet? And if yes, how?

  18. Vyko

    I cant register from the app when i click on register theres nothing happen

  19. Vicky

    My camera has been paired with another account and i try with new account but cant access this camera in new account

  20. Janosch Philipp

    Janosch Philipp

    I tried to register in the app, but i do NOT recive any refistration code at my E-Mail. Is there anything wrong with your app?

  21. Nate

    Trying to sign up and it is asking me to register…yet I’m seeing on here that I register through the app. The app is asking me to register before letting me sign up. Help plz.

  22. tony

    it’s not clear how to add another user to the account to see the camera. can you please instruct how to do this?

    Thank you. Tony.

  23. Andrew Lambie

    How do i change email address

  24. Najo

    I cant sign in it says CONNECTION FAILED

  25. Susan brook

    Trying to register
    When we press “obtain” a message comes up saying “account does not exist.

    Can you please advise ?

  26. Susan Brook

    Trying to register but, when I press ‘obtain’ a message comes up that says ‘account does not exist’

  27. Melissa Whitaker

    I’ve downloaded the app on my phone and I have downloaded the set up for the camera. I can not finishing setting the camera up until I regsister it. There is no link or an option to register. How do I register this so that I can complete the setup? I’m about ready to box it back up and return it!!!! VERY DISAPPOINTED!!!!

  28. Doreen


  29. Laura Turner

    How do I sign up. There is no option in the app

  30. Jan

    Chci se zaredistrovat

  31. Adrianne George

    Hello. I have two cameras in two different locations and I can sign in on the app fine to see each.

    But when I want to look at the 2nd camera from my PC it does not accept the log in I use with the first camera. How di I set up the second log in?

  32. Seretha Taylor

    how do I register my email when It tell me I am using the wrong format what does that even mean

  33. Juan José reche

    it’s impossible to view recordings to the nube.
    show me or teach me how make it!!!

  34. Geoff Houghton

    I have downloaded the app to my windows 10 laptop and it does not show anywhere to register it
    just says no preview available any help please?

  35. Mahinda

    How to find my account, i fogot it, need to share my camers

  36. Geoff Houghton

    I have downloaded the app to my laptop windows 10 in the Uk
    I cannot find an option to register
    It has a box saying no preview available
    Any advice please

  37. Michael

    Cant login in the Account. Server not connected??

  38. Michael

    Help plz. Cant login. Server was offline. Since 30min

  39. Kevin moore

    I set up my 2 cameras and they were working fine. Now the app won’t connect at all. Neither myself or my partner can connect to the app so can’t use the cameras! Please advise

  40. Vicky Wood

    I keep getting a ‘connection failed’ message when trying to log in. The app was working fine but stopped working and now won’t let me log in at all

  41. John

    Terrible app how do you register, with the SIA


    I have a camera watching my twins how can I stop the app logging off I need it to stay on all night. I have adjusted settings on my tablet so it stays on but the app keeps logging off and its not a WiFi issue as I am directly above the router and have WiFi booster just outside the door

  43. J

    On iPhone application there is no acceptance tab to click on??? Please help ASAP…

  44. Gaynor lo

    how do I register without the app, google play cannot find the app, I have the windows app installed on computer

  45. Chris

    How do i register? anbd please dont say “Mobile” because i am not from China?

  46. James

    Hello, I can’t sign up using the app, any suggestions?

  47. Jack

    Please register my email address to obtain a verification code. The app didn’t show a sign up icon.


  48. Marvin

    Is there a way to view the live camera feed through a laptop?

  49. Marvin

    Is there a way to view the camera live feed through a chromebook laptop?

    • Haley A.

      Did you ever figure out how to get this to work on Chromebook?

  50. Tony Meredith

    Had a verification code a while back but the camera didn’t work. Just got a new camera but I can’t remember the code.
    Can I get a new one?

  51. Joshua

    It keeps telling me to do the registration agreement but I cannot find it in the app anywhere!… just lots me obtain code I do the email thing then go to next and it just keeps telling me to do that but it doesn’t give me the option too!

  52. John Smith

    It’s impossible to register with this app. After entering the email address and selecting “obtain” I receive the code. I enter this code into the box and select “next” but it just says to “review the registration document and register” however there is no option to do this.

  53. Dean

    how do you register? Doesn’t work and allow on the app?

  54. Matthew

    How do I register

  55. williammcbride49@comcast.net

    [email protected]

    How do I register, please? There no place on the IPC360 to register.

  56. ioannis

    thank you

  57. ioannis

    dont understand

  58. Wshnstrz

    After I obtain the code from my email and type it in and click Next, a message pops up saying “Please Check the Register Agreement and Register” but I am unsure of how to do that. Please help!!!

  59. Thomas Cannon

    After entering my email address in Account Sigh Up and tapping “Obtain” and checking the Agree box then tapping the Next bar, the notice “Wrong Format” appears. What am I doing wrong?

  60. Lapointe5976


    How to create account for IPC360 PC ? There is nowhere a place to do it.
    I create an account on this site and no more possibility to login app… how to please ?

  61. Neil clifford

    Hi, how do I cancel my contract please?

  62. Ashley

    Mine is doing the same and I’m not receiving any emails back or answers to my problem

  63. Franzelli


    come si può recuperare la password ?

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    Thank you so much and I am having a look forward to contact you.
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  65. Asif Choudri

    I have been using IPC360 for a couple of years now and I love it but I want to change my login email address (not password). How can I do this. Please help.

  66. David

    Same issue where I can’t sign up because I need to review the registration agreement. Man it’s been 6 months? How have they not fixed this or answered the other 10 people who’ve commented?

  67. Winnie Maico

    Always having problems with ipc360.

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