New users will need to register a user account before experiencing the features of APP.

Please use your email address to create a new account. Tap on “Obtain” to receive a verification code in your mailbox and enter it to finish the registration. (Mobile phone registration is only available for China mainland users)

If you forgot your password, tap

1.Registration/Login 1

 to enter the Retrieve password page. A verification code will be sent to your mailbox and you will be able to change your password.


  1. Richard Boulter

    How do I register please?

  2. k

    if a new user logs into a camera will they receive the old footage?

  3. John A Mattero

    I own 2 homes , in TWO different STATES, could you please explain how I can setup my 2nd set of cameras .
    For this Lets call SET #1 OLD HOUSE ( which works fine)

    My guess is in the NEW house, the NEW cameras are looking for the OLD House wifi address .
    AND Before You say it, I DID try using cables vs wifi in the NEW house .
    so how do we do this? set up another account?
    (just thought of that, going to get this to you while I try that, downloading the IP360 PRO app)
    thank you
    I’ll be leaving NEW home , hoping to hear before I leave. thank you again

  4. Aubrey

    Can you connect a camera without wifi/internet?

  5. Marcello Guiso

    How to register – there is nothing in the app

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