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hi, i have 2 cameras and switched one into another room, want to connect with wlan (since 2 days and over hours) and it always says „wrong password - please re-enter“. bit it is NOT WRONG. i restartet the camera, wlan box, it is on the 2.4 GHz stream - the same as it‘s for the first camera bit it will not connect?? whats the problem? the camera is nearby the wlan router, very good signal in this room bit i don‘t want to use a 2meter LAN cable as well not possible with my pets, therefore i need the wlan connection (the same way it worked before)... everything is set up 100% as the first camera but it says „wrong password“ (antenna, power, etc. everything fine)- i have 5 devices (laptop, phone, tv....) where i re-connected and entered my original password, the same i entered im the app, to check and it‘s correct. So what can I do? I am going crazy - I need this camera! thanks a lot in advance 🙏🏼 anastasia [email protected]
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