Camera is online in mobile app but shows offline in PC app

May 22, 2020 08:31 PM 1 Answers General
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Model PC540.

Connected to local network on RJ45 cable NOT wireless. Set up on phone app and working fine.

Installed PC software. (Win 10 IPC 360 V1.0) Logged in and camera is shown on left but offline.

Reset and reconnected camera with new name via phone app.

Camera video & control working fine on phone app but still offline on PC BUT the camera name has correctly updated in the PC.

Note: PC can ping IP of camera successfully on local network so PC can "see" camera

Why is camera not online on PC software?

Firewall / Port closed issue ?  Something else?

Please help

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Camera is online in mobile app but shows offline in PC app 3
May 22, 2020

NOT ANSWER but further information. (Reply on this button does not work!)

Clicking on the ! on the camera ID box in the PC app, the following warning is displayed:
“The device where the server and the current account login server is inconsistent, for viewing, need re – landing. Yes No”
Note: The PC, Mobile and Camera are ALL on same network, within same IP range and serviced by a single router, with the PC and camera on the wired network and the mobile on wireless.

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