PC software instructions

Please note that: you need to add the camera done in your phone first and then you can use the PC to view the vide.

Otherwise it will prompt an error: There is on device go and bind the device

ipc360 pc there is on device go and bind the device

1. download the link: IPC360 PC

Please open the Installer and select the language to install. such as English.

PC software instructions 1

2.Please log in the app after you install. Just double click the cam , you will view the video.

PC software instructions 2


  1. Roland Molnar

    the software is asking for enter Original binding account. What is that?

  2. fishman24


    I can not IPC360 to work it prompts please enter the original bindinding account i do not know where to find this

  3. Daniel Scharnow

    Where do I find the original binding agreement?

  4. Will Roberts

    I connected the camera 3 days ago and it works fine on the iPhone. I then downloaded the app for my PC but it keeps stating that the camera is off line – which it isn’t! How do I overcome this?

  5. Tracy Dalbe

    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app. Checked my phone app and the image is showing fine there, so it looks like the Windows app isn’t working properly.

    • admin


      Try to exit the account and log in again

      • nick

        I have the same issue, there is an error that says Realplay failed, please try again latter. It works fine on my iPhone though, just not on windows.

      • Mustafa Kaya

        Doesn’t work on pc. Works fine on iphone.

      • Bregt

        I have the same problem but logging out and in again doesn’t fix the problem. Any other advice to make the pc software to work?

  6. Richard

    I login and it says my device is offline, but it says it’s online on my phone. Any reason for this?

  7. Ko Myo

    It doesn’t work on the computer, it’s just a black screen. I have many times login and logout but that’s not okay in PC..

  8. Kirsten

    Camera installed on phone, working correctly. App installed on PC and login was ok, but screen is black. Logged out, closed the app, opened it again but screen is still black.

  9. Mark Clarke

    I’m having the same issue as Tracy. Works fine from app but black image on PC. Running windows 10. Camera identified on the left side. No image.

  10. Tony M.

    I loaded the PC app and it wants me to input the “Original Binding Account”. No matter what I put it doesn’t except anything.

  11. Miguel

    I’m trying to connect to the camera through the PC application and after entering the password I get a screen where I have to enter some information

    “video security
    Please enter the Original binding account:”
    I’ve tried several options but it always says “wrong account, decryption failure”

    Can you help me set up this part? Where can I find this information?

  12. Alistair

    Is there a way to either download a whole night’s worth of footage from the internal SD card or to alter the playback speed?

    Our car was broken into last night but watching 8 hours of footage at 1x Speed is a PITA.

  13. Raül Cid

    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app.
    The app says me: Please enter the original binding account

  14. Gerry

    Hi. Please tell me how I can view multiple cameras at the same time? Thank you

  15. Younes Chab

    When I double click on the camera, no video instead I get the following message: “Please enter the original binding account”.

  16. Charles E Hall

    my camera does not recognize any SD cards formatted or not. it reads null and 0 cap. I have rebooted and changed cards several times. any help would be appreciated. I have it installed on Samsung s7 and dell laptop (Win 10)

  17. Ruben

    Lo olvide mi password (en el celular lo tengo automatico) como lo cambio??

  18. Cindy

    Can I use a hotspot and how much data would I need ?

  19. Matthew Ward

    Cant zoom on windows only good for recording and viewing on larger screens 🙁

  20. Kristen

    I just downloaded this software and am having the same issue reported above. My camera shows as having loaded, but there is no picture. I have exited the program and logged back in several times. I also deleted the program and downloaded it again with no success. There is a picture on the app on my phone. Please advise if there is an issue with the Windows software and what I can do to resolve my issue.

  21. Zak

    Shows my camera as off line but it isn’t. Logged out, closed the app, tried again but still the same.

  22. Emmanuel Beck

    When I click to open the IPC360 software a small window comes up saying : ” IPC360.exe has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available. ”

    I uninstall the software and reinstalled it but unfortunately the same problem came up.

    can you please help me?

  23. Emmanuel Beck

    I forgot to tell you that my OS is windows 7 service pack1

  24. cass

    I have the same problem have signed in singed out, showing on camera but not on computer

  25. Cass

    Does this work, it is connected to the same router as the camera, I have logged in logged out, restarted my computer and I have enter all the details I can think of for binding account, email and password, nothing at all.

    Help please

  26. Paul

    I tried to view yesterdays video and i can see it on phone but when trying to view on PC keep getting no video to view help

  27. Damian A Boysaw

    Windows app is asking for original binging account?

  28. edwin

    me da un error de coneccion fallida, ya verifique el correo y contraseña pero no me deja conectarme

  29. paul crampton

    no image showing on pc but fine on phone .
    tried exit account and log back in but still no joy

  30. Saso

    Cosa devo inserire?

  31. Josep Guillemi

    Hello, my problem is the same as Tracy.
    All went ok in the instalation, but at watching image its black on PC.
    If I double-click on camera device, it says an error: Please enter de Original binding account.

  32. Paul Kim

    The same as in Tracy Dalbe’ case.
    I logged in PC app and could see my camera but it says it is off line.
    Tried several times by logging out and logging in again, but that won’t fix the problem.
    Phone app works fine as usual but PC app does NOT.

  33. Paul Kim

    Suddenly I was able to connect to the camera but the app still is asking to type in the original binding account.
    When I type in my account (email address), it says ‘wrong account, decryption failed’.

    What’s wrong with this lame app?

  34. Paul Kim

    Tried many times but failed at the step when the app asks me to put in the original binding account.
    Keeps having ‘wrong account, decryption failure’ message for the pop up window of video security.

    What shall I type in for the original binding account?
    What is wrong with this lame app?

  35. Jackson

    salve, ho provato a loggare il mio account all’app sul pc ma dopo il login mi chiede “please enter the original binding account”, purtroppo non riesco a trovare la risposta alla richiesta, mi potete aiutare?

  36. Clifford Kauffman

    I can’t seem to register. I try to sign up and I get the message “please check the registration agreement and then register”. Where is the registration agreement? I see the User Agreement and Privacy Policy but no registration agreement.

  37. Luigi

    non si vedono le registrazioni fatte sulla SD card da PC mi chiede una password,

  38. stefy

    When i login, it appears a window that says: “Please enter Original binding account”, and no image showing in the desktop app, while it is ok on the smartphone app.

  39. ant

    i do it bat is nothing

  40. stephen barry

    doesnt work on my laptop but works on my phone, something wrong with the windows download i think.

  41. Bryan

    the computer download doesn’t work

  42. Mario Giuliano

    buongiorno,volevo fare una domanda.è possibile usare questa camera come webcam per pc?

  43. School Teacher

    I work in a School and we would love to use your product, however we think we are going to need to return it for a full refund and suggest other schools don’t use your product either for the following reasons:
    We have an issue as the Camera and app are being blocked by a secure Firewall (as you would expect for any School or Business) and your help files, documentation etc don’t suggest what ports or IP’s are required to allow your service to work.
    Please can you provide IP or host-name details and required ports to access your service so that we can open the required access through our Schools firewall.

  44. Chris

    How can I check the registration agreement ?

  45. Andrea

    ho installato l’applicazione sul pc e dopo aver eseguito il login e vado per aprire la telecamera mi esce scritto “Please enter the original binding account”

    cosa devo fare?

    ringrazio in anticipo

  46. daniel

    It keeps saying

    please enter the original binding account

    what is that? i entered my email and thats not it. looked on the app and nothing there

  47. pseudoCK


    When I load the program, I get an error message that states: “LoadLibrary failed with error 87: The parameter is incorrect.” then closes.

    What’s wrong with the program?

  48. Siddharth

    not working
    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app.

    Checked my phone app and the image is showing fine there, so now I am sure the Windows app isn’t working properly.

  49. Adrianne George

    I have two cameras in two different locations.

    I can sign into my PC to see one but am asked for a password to see the other. It does not accept the same password as for the first. How do I assign another password for the second camera so I can see on the PC?

    Thank you and stay safe.

  50. kleidson frança

    Entrei na minha conta e achei minha câmera ok, mas nenhuma imagem mostrando neste aplicativo. Verifiquei meu aplicativo de telefone e a imagem está se mostrando bem lá, então parece que o aplicativo do Windows não está funcionando corretamente.

  51. Marino Dozio

    Buon giorno, ho scaricato il programma sul pc e funziona benissimo. Io ho bisogno di vedere in diretta una telecamera, posizionata da mia mamma che si trova in un’altra città, e il programma dopo un tot di tempo, mi dice limite massimo visibile per la data odierna.
    Ovviamente il pc non è connesso sotto la stessa rete wi-fi della telecamera.
    E’ possibile superare questa limitazione?
    Grazie mille, attendo vs. risposta

  52. kleidson frança

    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app. Checked my phone app and the image is showing fine there, so it looks like the Windows app isn’t working properly.

  53. Wheezer

    Same issue here.
    I can log in, see all four of my cameras on the left of the app, but no images and cannot switch between the four cameras.
    I think this app needs some serious work.


    salve, ho installato prima l ‘ app dell acamera ipc36 su telefono con wifi e tutto ok…
    poi ho installato il programma della ipc360 su pc con win 7 …..il programma parte, mi chiede account e password ma una volta inseriti la schermata rimane buia anche se non mi da’ nessun errore…ho provato a fare logout piu volte ma niente…strano…c”e qualcosa che mi sfugge???

  55. butcherboy


    app says account does not exist yet i’m logged on ????????????

  56. José R

    My experience … it’s not allowed view both phone and pc t the same time, if you logg in with pc ban the loggin in the phone and upside down.
    As well from the PC ask for a ‘binding account’ … being at the phone with normal encryption, i mean without password.

  57. Katie Lynn Ayers

    I did playback on my phone, the battery died while is viewing the videos. When I went back to see them after charging my device, all the videos are gone! Where did they go? How can I get them back?

  58. Orlando De Leon

    I have the app on my phone and is working OK, in the PC i have it OFFLINE, why?

  59. Derek

    I have a Mac do you guys have anything to support the camera for Apple products outside of, iPhone and IPADs

  60. Emmanuel Austin-Black

    What I get when I try to connect to the cameras from my PC is a message telling me that my cameras are “offline” when they are definitely online as I can view them using the software on my phone.

  61. godbillot

    J’ai le même probleme, aucune image .
    J ai quitter et relancer mais ca ne marche toujours pas.
    Il me mette se message ( please enter the original binding account)
    J’ai essayer le mots de passe et ce n’ai pas ca.
    Je ne sais pas ce qui me demande et ou le trouver.


    Hola buenos dias, al ingresar en las camaras me pide esto:
    please enter the original binding account.

  63. Clorene Alls

    Why are all of my camera’s on different servers? In order to view some of them i have to keep “re-login” and everytime i re-login the other camera’s go offline. How can i get all my camera’s on the same server ??

  64. Steve Roberts

    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app. Checked my phone app and the image is showing fine there, so it looks like the Windows app isn’t working properly. The same as above…please help

  65. sophie anderson

    mines coming up with no picture when logged in then comes up with please enter original binding account. I have no clue what this means

  66. Chris


    We have the same problem, the account is logged in and the camera displays in the left-hand pane but no video is displayed. We have tried logging out and logging back in.

  67. Alan

    I have the camera on my phone and pc the zoom feature works on the phone but not the pc on pan and tilt works on the pc please help

  68. dodo

    There is no image on the PC.
    Everything on the phone is ok.
    He writes: Please enter the Original binding account.

  69. Merouchi

    Trying to use my laptop, there is a request:”please enter the Original binding account”. E-mail or password are not accepted. What is this “binding account” ?

  70. Pierangelo Gori


    I installed it on my phone and it works , but from PC does not work ( Video Security – Plese enter the Original binding account:) can help me?

    Thank you

  71. Tina Isaacs

    Logged in to my account and found my camera ok but no image showing in this app. Checked my phone app and the image is showing fine there, so it looks like the Windows app isn’t working properly.

  72. nkoutlis

    application crashes after start

  73. giuseppe

    I installed the app on the PC, but the colors are distorted, unlike my iPhone app where you can see everything perfectly, is it possible to do something?

  74. Josep Galtes

    Hola, me conecto a la cámara on line con el PC y quiero ver la grabación de la tarjeta Sd , como puedo hacerlo, es posible.
    Con el telefono si puedo.

  75. Vinnie

    Unable to install on Win10 64bit PC computer. Error code 1628: “Failed to complete installation.”

  76. Vinnie

    Unable to install on Win10 PRO 64bit PC computer. Error code 1628: “Failed to complete installation.”

  77. Luke

    says account doesnt exist but am logged in on iphone

  78. salvatore

    non funziona

  79. Peter

    after the installation, the program works so far, but when I select one of my 3 cameras, then the request comes”please enter the orginal binding account” .what must I enter

  80. Douglas N Hill

    Having same issue as Tracey Dalbe. Re-login several times don’t work.

  81. Sean Henson

    Hi, i have installed the app on windows 10. when try to log in it says connection failed. but the log in works on my android phone. can you please help

  82. Patricio Perez

    Hello, Log in to my account, it shows me the data of my camera but it throws the following message: enter the original binding account

    • Bella99

      You have to read the thread about the Binding account. https://ipc360.org/original-binding-account
      Basically you have to setup a password for the stream of that camera and you have to use that pwd in the PC app to connect to the stream. It is all quite hockey so make sure you read the instructions given by the Admin. If that doesn’t work for you, look at the comment from Sep 20 where I share how I got them connected. Good luck.

  83. Dan

    I am having the same issue as above. Connects and works fine on my android phone. On my pc it shows the name of the camera but says “Offline”. I have tried it on 2 different pc’s and signed in and out with no changes.

  84. Joseph


    The PC software can see my cameras, but is showing that they are online, even though all devices are on the same network.


  85. SRoberti

    Why can’t I login to my PC? This is the first time using it on a PC. I can login fine on my phone and pad but the PC keeps showing “Connect Failure”

  86. Sonya

    What does “enter the original binding account” mean? I try to use the pc app and it just doesn’t work. Wouldn’t let me move the camera down and now I can’t even watch the cameras with it anymore…

  87. John Richard Payne


  88. Manuel Joaquim Teixeira Rosa

    alguem tem este programa a funcionar no windwos 10 meu só funciona no windwos 7.

  89. Vui Huang Tea

    No Recorded options allowed.

    I can record using the mobile but not with the PC application.

    Any help?


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