9.Panoramic navigation

Panoramic navigation is a kind of unique operation mode for Pan&Tilt Camera, with which you can simply rotate the camera exactly to the direction you want just by a “tap”.

Creating panoramic navigation picture

When a Pan&Tilt camera is added, you can tap on the icon 9.Panoramic navigation 7 to create panoramic navigation picture

Panoramic navigation operation

After panoramic navigation picture is created, tap on any point of the picture and the camera will rotate immediately and point to that location.

ipc360 Panoramic navigation operation
ipc360 Panoramic navigation operation 2

Set shooting angle via panoramic navigation picture

You can set maximum 3 sets of shooting angels via panoramic navigation picture. Once set, the camera will turn to the location at preset time.

Setup steps:

  1. Tap on a target point of panoramic navigation picture to rotate the camera to the location.

2.Tap on the icon 9.Panoramic navigation 8 then  a new setting interface will pop up as showed in figure 1.

3.Set preset time then repeat step 1 and 2 for each shooting angle. Each 9.Panoramic navigation 9 icon means a single preset of a single shooting angle(Figure 2).

9.Panoramic navigation 10
Figure 1
9.Panoramic navigation 11
Figure 2


  1. Madison

    how to I get rid of the navigation panel?

  2. James

    Anyway to access the pan & tilt via the pc software or is it just set at the angle it is pointing at?

  3. Lisa Mendon

    I cannot get my camera off of the 360 degree view

  4. Rick Barron

    I would like the “shooting angle” to remain exactly where I specify and not change. There does not seem to be any way to do this. If I clear all angles and do not set an angle, it changes to some odd angle at some unspecified time. If I do set a shooting angle, it still changes to some odd angle at some unspecified time. Isn’t there any way to simply have it stay where I put it?
    Thank you.

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