Q: Any WiFi connection tips?

A: Camera can only support 2.4G frequency signal,and 802.11b/g/n
WiFi network.
1.The connected WiFi password should be less than 16 characters,
and can not contain the special characters, such as: @¥!ect
(suggest to revise the password which only contains letters and
2.Please upgrade to the latest version APP

Q: No vision at nighttime?

A: 1.Check if the IR function is enabled.
2.Check if the IR LED is turned on.
3.Restore camera back to factory default setting, and then check
the visual effect.
4.Try to upgrade the camera by the latest firmware.

Q: How to do if camera picture is blurred?

A: 1.Enter video interface, adjust the picture quality to the HD mode.
2.Clean the camera lens with a cotton swab


  1. Cyrus Lam

    Suddenly the live video cannot be view (It was normal since I have installed 3 months ago) and it said “The video is encrypted”…what should i do?

  2. Walter Bragg

    registration agreement Can not find it when I click ok get blank page

  3. Bill lindsay

    Cannot use camera due to wifi speed
    PlEase refund my charge

    • admin


      Please contact your camera seller

      • Boma


        My camera was ok until I changed my WiFi box and I couldn’t connect again. I have tried several times, the light is showing but no camera to see. Also it doesn’t use a micro chip as I pay straight to your company.
        Please kindly assist.

  4. Kelly Smith

    Would it be possible for you to email me the website to be able to access my camera stream via my desktop.

  5. Kimberly Poff

    I am receiving alerts for my camera but I can not view them. It keeps telling “connecting”.

    • admin


      View the alerts video. You need a memory card. Please check if the memory card can be used normally.

      • mike greene

        I do not know how to setup video starting with the motion detector and saving it. I have the memory card in there, and its on wifi. I can see live, but I would like to record video when Motion Detector activates. Please let me know the steps to start this process, thanks

      • Acb

        I continue to get alerts and when I go to alerts it tell me I have no alerts. Very annoying

      • shawna green

        I am having the same problem, It says alerts, but when i click on them to play them back, it doesnt show anything… and wont playback when it does.. Does this record still images when the alert goes off? i feel like what is the point of this camera if it alerts you but you cannot see it.. do you have any advice…

    • Raymond Kelly

      Where is the reset button on my ipc360

      • Stefan

        It is at the end of one of the cables, please check the user manual

  6. Roger Edwards

    Can I store the videos on my PC when in PC mode. Model PD203B-Y1

  7. Patrick Canady

    I just changed routers. What’s the best way to reset all my cameras (I have four). Do I unplug and reconnect each one to connect to the new router? I didn’t see in the iOS app anyway to change to router name and password. Thank you.

    • admin


      The new router wifi name is the same as the password, so you don’t have to change it.
      The wifi name and password are different. You need to reset the camera and add it again.

  8. Jeanne Smith

    When I bought this camera, I thought I could use it for recording on the memory card without using a wifi. Can this be done? & if so, How do I activate just the camera to use it like this?

  9. Bernd Bunk

    I installed IPC App for Android on my smartphone and inside BlueStacks on my Windows 10 PC and everything works fine.
    But I actually would like to control the IPC360 directly from my Windows 10 PC (without BlueStack).
    So I installed the Windows installer from your Website.
    I can login and see my camera, but its always shown as offline.
    I think I need to tell that program my WiFi connection settings, but I could not find where.
    Any idea how to fix this?

  10. Natalie

    Hello, I have shared my camera with another person but they are not receiving alerts and are not able to see the video playback. What do I do?

  11. Tiziano Capelli

    I cannot connect anymore to the server.
    Can you help me?

  12. sonia

    I can’t connect the camera to my wifi – where is the WLAN page to choose network???

  13. yan

    I just received Vanxse CCT Camera
    and tried to set it up, but not able to get it to connect to WiFi nor to wired Ethernet.
    When I add device in IPC360 app on iPhone , select Smart wireless connection WiFi mode, pressing next shows pop up
    Enter the WiFi password, the Wi-Fi hotspot : is shown as (null) and entering password (region: United States) does not work. It only shows momentary pop-up “Connect to Wifi…” and reverts to previous screen
    If I press Change WIFI , another view comes up but it has no option to press. It looks like it is informational only but I am not clear what does WLAN indicate there and how it is applicable to iPhone.
    I wish I could attach screenshots
    Here are the steps I took to troubleshoot:
    1. Verified camera is in SMart mode with slowly blinking red LED and DI-Di sound played after power on: Reset it and observed light is slowly blinking with the same rate as light dot inside the IPC360 “Add device” view
    2. Ensured iPhone is connected to 2.4GHz wifi- in iPhone Settings selected 2.4GHz hotspot. The SSID for 2.4GHz is different than for 5GHz SSID
    3. Ensured Camera and Phone are close together so they would be connected on the same hotspot
    4. Set iPhone volume to max

    5. ensued WiFi password had no special characters and is only 13 charters long
    6. IPC360 version is 3.7.4 / latest

    • Jess

      I had the same issue:

      I waited 10 min. after making sure the camera had the red light and then the wifi went from “null” to my wifi network. Literally, just when I was considering to return it, it decided to work…

  14. Christine Guerra

    Is there a number you can call for technical support? I cannot get the camera to work wirelessly. I am on 2.4 network according to comcast. They said not their issue, to call tech support for camera but there is no number. It only works when plugged directly into router via lan cable. This defeats the purpose of buying wireless cameras. I have three units.

  15. Chaun Chenz

    When I went to download the app.. I saw a comment on the apple store where it suggests that someone’s camera was hacked.. someone was speaking through their camera and you haven’t responded to them?

  16. Bernardo

    Ciao e’ possibile disabilitare la visione notturna e se si come? Grazie

    Hello is it possible to disable night vision and if so how? Thank you


  17. Shane

    Can my IPC still record movement with out wifi to memory card.?

  18. Shane

    Can i set up my IPC 360 to work and record movement with out wifi?

  19. Lisa A Drewitz

    When I do a search for camera in wired mode, it comes back saying no device found. Was working before, but had to take down and now will not work…

  20. Maureen

    I have one in my home and just bought another one for my mums can I connect the 2 devices on to my app and how do u do this please

  21. Robert c stuchberry

    It goes blurry bafter about 5 seconds how can I change the encryption

  22. Alex

    The image of the camera in the app when i watching the live video after a second becomes pixelated, what do I have to do to not see the pixelated image?

  23. bashisth singh

    memory card play in pc ,which player app run in pc , ex. vlc player and ohter ?

  24. John

    I have added a family member as a user but they can only view live feed and do not get alert notifications. How do I enable them to receive alerts?

  25. Saifee

    Hi, dear

    Can we download recording on phone storage or just can download on pc or phone from sd card via online

  26. Alvaro

    Can I use this app as a baby monitor i.e. Just sound when phone is locked?

  27. Stu Evans

    I’ve just renewed my cloud storage service and since doing that, I get the Alerts I was getting but when I go to the Alerts screen it just says ‘No Message’. I can no longer playback from that screen.

  28. mike k

    I put in a memory card and it says no timetable setup and no memory card detected. What’s up with that? I’m having a problem where the camera stops recording every single day from about 9am to 5pm. These are very important hours to record. Customer service has stopped answering me because they know this camera is junk.and doesnt have an answer. I am being charged good money for this service. What is the maximum sd card I can use? You would think I could use a large card considering how much footage is being recorded. It also skips when there is movement like people walking down the street. Nobody has answers for me.

  29. Glenn Morrison

    I have 2 of these already. I have just bought 2 more but they do connect to wifi or wire. I turn them on, they circle and just “beep beep” bu there is no red lite. I teird waiting 60 secs then hitting the reset. It plays a couple of notes of a tune then just goes beep beep every 15 seconds…..forever. it does this on both of the ones that arrived yesterday

  30. Bethany

    I just purchased the cloud service and it isn’t working. When I try to view all I see is a black screen. This is very frustrating as it was working fine during the 30 day trial. Please advise.

  31. Melissa Whitaker

    Where do I go to register my camera? There is no link or anything for me to go to register it, but I can’t set up a I cant set up my account until I register it. I have downloaded the app to my computer and my phone.

  32. Jamie

    Can I view the live video feed from 2 mobiles at the same time?
    It says I can share camera but no option seems available?

  33. Vic

    Le he puesto una tarjeta de memoria sd.
    ¿Puedo ver los vídeos grabados sin tener que quitar la tarjeta? ¿Cómo?

  34. Ruth

    Can I operate the camera with batteries or power bank?

  35. Massimo

    what is the password to enter in the video security?

  36. Michele Green

    We use this camera in our motorhome to watch our dog. We recently purchased a Sprint MiFi 8000 mobile hotspot. Can we connect the camera to that network?

  37. Vicky

    This camera has been paired with another account tap continue to pair with another camera DC07C1F905C4

  38. Billy Onet

    Bonjour. Je n’est pas utilisé la caméra depuis longtemps et j’ai oublier l’identifiant associé. Comment puis je récupérer mon identifiant,?

  39. Eric Hopkins

    Where do I get new cameras and how can I tell if they’re compatible with your software?

  40. Deborah E Busch

    how do I reset the camera model 205. had to replace my router and need to reset the camera

  41. Regan

    Am beyond fed up w/ this camer6NOT working. It worked fine for a week the just quit! After multiple resets it finally connected again to work 3 or 4 days the quit again. I have checked the wifi connection, I have verified it is still the same one & correct as it was for the approx 10 days it has worked out of 3 weeks. I have uninstalled & reinstalled several times, changed passwords & even. Changed email accounts losing my original account & ABSOLUTELY nothing works. GARBAGE is what this is!

  42. Toby

    My cameras won’t record video to the SD card, it only shows up grey, IV tried resetting the cards and restarting the cameras

  43. Margo

    Hi – How do I enter the new router information? I have just updated the app to the latest version, but it is not seeing my router. I have the phone, camera and router less than 6 inches apart from each other. My phone is connected to the Wi-Fi. I can connect to the camera with a wire, but the app does not see the new router. It is 2.4 GHz only. Everything was working fine previously!

  44. Margo

    Hi – I have a new router and have gone through the steps multiple times to connect to the Wi-Fi. I am leaving this comment over Wi-Fi, so my phone is connected. However, the app shows “(null)“ under Wi-Fi settings and then prompts me to connect my phone to Wi-Fi, which it is. I do not see an option to enter the SSID of the router directly. I have tried just entering the password, but that does not work. Help please!

  45. david de jesus

    buenos dias, puedo hacer que la camara este grabando de manera permanente en la memoria micro sd…


    Just got the camera however it will not hook up to my WIFI. Is there anyway to get it on the 5G network. I have a dual band router but it picks the best band when setting up. For some reason I cannot make it switch to 2.4 ghz

  47. Dan

    What is difference between the green and orange markers on the time lines?

  48. David Nolan

    Is there a doorbell camera comparable with the ipc360 app?

  49. Christopher McCoy

    can two phones be used at the same time,? if so how do you do that?

  50. Miguel


    I have been issuing some connection problems with the app. I simply can’t connect to my account, it says connection error. My login and password are ok, my WiFi is ok. I have a iPhone 11

  51. Fabien

    I am trying to connect and it says login failed, check your network.is it my internet.? Had no problem for a long time,?

  52. Eman


    The app is not working and showing connection failed. I have multiple devices in my home network, the whole network is working fine. However, I cannot login to the app to manage my cameras.

    The issue started today. Thanks

  53. Charlie Hunt

    Camera connects fine by ethernet but struggling to connect via wifi (i.e. does not seem to join the wifi network after entering password and plays error message with countdown display and eventually shows ‘Setup Failed’ ).
    Thing I have tried/checked:
    1) red slow flashing light is visible
    2) both camera and phone/app operating on the same 2.4GHz wifi network
    2) wifi password is less than 16 alpha-numeric only characters
    3) powered down/reset camera and tried again
    Nothing seems to be working.
    Many thanks for your help.

  54. Regina Clinton

    I just purchased and installed the AVstart 1080P FHD WiFi Surveillance Cameras and downloaded the IPC360 app. Everything worked fine for a couple of days, but now it is no longer sending me notifications. I have deleted everything and reloaded, but it is still not notifying me. What can I do to correct this problem?

  55. Jess

    I’m not receiving any alert notification

  56. uli

    when i try to log in inside the app, it tells me that connection to the server is not possible. what’s the problem, what can i do?

  57. Tiffany

    The app for iPhone, there’s no sound when I view the baby’s camera. How do I fix that?

  58. Madmin

    Hello, what is or are firewall ports used by IPC365

  59. Laura Locke

    I’m struggling to reconnect my camera to the router. The router was unplugged yesterday and ever since the camera cannot connect. We’ve had no problems with it before when the router has been unplugged.
    I’ve reset the camera, deleted the device and tried to start from the top but nothing seems to work.
    I rely on the camera as a baby monitor so it’s important that it works. 

  60. Tam

    Camera won’t connect. Keeps saying wrong password so I cannot set up using iPhone app. Have tried to delete and restart nothing works.

  61. Rafael

    How to authorise shared user to see the recording playback and adjust the camera settings?

  62. Ian Carmichael

    Ian Carmichael

    I had to change my router which is 5G and the cameras no longer connect as it says 2.4G only. Is there anything I can do/alter without having to purchase new camera/s (I have 2), I have also purchased the Cloud Storage Service

  63. DD

    The camera doesn’t seem to recognize the SD card. In the “TF Card Record Settings” tab it says Failed to set the timetable for recording (No memory card) and in the “Memory Card Information” it says No memory card detected. I’ve put in a formatted 64 GB micro SD card with the camera off and I’m getting these errors after turning back on the camera and opening the APP. How can I fix this problem? Thanks.

  64. Jill

    My camera works all day and then seems to drop offline in the early hours of the morning (roughly the same time every morning) for a few hours and then comes back online again- at the same time. Why is this happening?

  65. jongjin

    PC version often turn off the camera with this massage . “video play limit . You have long time without operation, you can click play button to start play.”

    I want to watch the video continuously.

    I want to turn [videos play limit] off.

  66. Glendale Calmerin

    Hi!! How do you change the time on the recording to not military time?

  67. DavidC

    Hi, 2 days ago I open the app and the cam works Wells but 1 tour later appears “offline”.

    When I back home I Check and try to conecta again and showme a message “cant conect server” and then just a “instalation error” after Ding dong sound.

    I already try, reinstall and reset several time, my wifi is 2,4g , No especial characters on password wifi

  68. Dexter

    Where can I get firmware for ip360 camera wifi stop ..please send link

  69. Tim Shryock

    In the Alert screen All Activities can be set to Infrared (PIR). The alerts listed will show only PIR. Is there a way to send alerts only when PIR? Flying insects result in alerts to my iPhone even with Motion Detection Sensitivity set to 1.

  70. Mandy simpson

    Hi, I registered a while ago but I’ve forgot the verification code can you resend it to me please my email is [email protected]

  71. JamW

    Hi, How do I configure the camera to be on the ceiling?

  72. DUPIN Thierry

    Bonjour .
    Ma compagne a un compte partagé avec le mien .
    Elle n’ a accès à aucun menu du style vision des enregistrements sur la timeline ou accès aux paramètres , par exemple . ( ” Vous n’êtes pas autorisé ” )
    Comment faire pour qu’elle puisse , depuis son tel , agir sur ces commandes ?
    Merci .

    • DUPIN Thierry

      Rectificatif : “Vous n’ êtes pas autorisé ” …

  73. Nick Bone

    Our camera is working well on my wifes iPhone X, but it does not pair with my iPhone X or either of our iPads.

    Can you only pair one device at a time??

    Many thanks

  74. Roy Simoni

    I need to add 2 more users to my IPC360 camera app. When I initially added the app I put two other users in addition to myself. Now I need to add two more. We occasionally look in on my elderly father-in-law at his nursing home. The nursing home is locked down (closed to the public) so I do not have physical access to the camera. This is the message I get when trying to add a user:

    “Failed to share the camera. The account may not exist or has not been logged in for a long time. Please sign up or log in the account and try again.”

    I have signed out and back in at least 3 times.
    Along with signing out and back in I restarted my phone twice.
    I really did not want your cloud service, I have a 64 GB SD card in the camera, but I have signed up for the free 30 day subscription. This did not make a difference I still get the Failed to share message.

  75. Kelvein

    Cannot connect to the internet regardless of the several attempts

  76. Jason

    I keep hearing loud noises from my camera but there is no one in the house. How can I stop the noises??

  77. Calvin Watson


    Previously camera was connected via my Wi-fi on my ADSL router. I changed the name on the router, and since have not been able to reconnect.

    When I connect via LAN (cable) to router, camera works fine, however, not when trying to connect via WiFi. No settings were changed and relevant frequency 2.4G frequency signal, and 802.11b/g/n is applicable.

    Please could someone assist me.


  78. Elli Hannah

    Hi I’ve set up my camera me and two other people want to be able to view it me and one of the people can edit and have access but the other doesn’t how do I give the other one access too move the camera and speak?

  79. anders Hübinette

    hur får jag bort rutan tips, anslut till wifi så jag kommer åt att skriva wifilösenordet?

  80. Sasa todorovic

    How do I authorize a second user so that they can rewind the camera recording as well?

  81. Arthur

    How can I disable the IR light? Please let me know. I know al lot of people would like to know this.

  82. Mo_salem

    I configured the app and cam for the first use…then im getting white screen only ….any clue plz ?

  83. Roy Lewallen

    How do I get rid of the cloud storage advertisement (other than paying for something I don’t want) which covers up nearly the whole screen? Unless I can get rid of it, there’s no way I’ll ever buy or recommend any device that uses IPC360.

  84. Jaspreet Singh

    hi sir
    i face problem with camera video show black screen i was try on 3 diffrent phones voice working when speak on phone its hear from phone and but video not show
    its show only black screen please help me to solve this problem …

  85. Bertl


    leider habe ich nach einer kurzen Zeit kein Bild mehr von der Kamera, wenn ich die Kamera neu starte funktioniert es wieder für kurze Zeit.
    Haben das Problem mehrere und wie kann man das Problem lösen?

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

  86. Claude Hopper

    Has anyone figured out how to get the camera to recognize an SD card and get the camera to record to the card?
    The info I have seen online indicates that it can accept a 128gb SD card, which I have installed.
    However, it will not recognize the card or record to it.
    Obviously, their tech support will not help.
    Any help would be appreciated.

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