Q: Any WiFi connection tips?

A: Camera can only support 2.4G frequency signal,and 802.11b/g/n
WiFi network.
1.The connected WiFi password should be less than 16 characters,
and can not contain the special characters, such as: @¥!ect
(suggest to revise the password which only contains letters and
2.Please upgrade to the latest version APP

Q: No vision at nighttime?

A: 1.Check if the IR function is enabled.
2.Check if the IR LED is turned on.
3.Restore camera back to factory default setting, and then check
the visual effect.
4.Try to upgrade the camera by the latest firmware.

Q: How to do if camera picture is blurred?

A: 1.Enter video interface, adjust the picture quality to the HD mode.
2.Clean the camera lens with a cotton swab

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