7.Cloud storage


Cloud storage refers to a technical service that uploads video recordings of a camera to a cloud server for storage. With the cloud storage function, you can avoid the risk of losing valuable video recordings which might occur when you use a micro SD card in case it’s damaged or taken away.

 How to use cloud storage

1)If the camera you added supports cloud storage function, you will see the icon

7.Cloud storage 5

appearing on the camera list(Figure 10). Tap on it to enter the purchasing page.

ipc360 cloud storage

2)Customize your cloud storage options: storage mode, storage capacity and period of service.

ipc360 cloud

 Event storage: If there is movement detected on your camera screen, or you use a certain type of camera which will be automatically or manually triggered under specific conditions, the videos recorded by your camera will be uploaded. For each event, the video clip will be no longer than 30 seconds. The event could only be triggered once every 90 seconds.

    Storage capacity: you can choose 7 days or 30 days storage period, which means that the camera video uploaded to the cloud can be replayed within 7 days or 30 days. From the 8th or the 31st day, newly recorded videos will begin to cover the first day’s video.

Service period: You can purchase the service on a monthly, semi-annual or annual basis.

3)Choose the payment method and submit the order. After the order is successfully paid, please make sure to follow the section 7.3.1 to complete the cloud storage configuration. The cloud service supports multiple purchases, if currently there is a valid service package, a new purchased service package will be in the waiting list according to the effective time. If you want to use the new purchased service package ahead of time, please tap on the “activate” button to replace the current service package. Please “activate” your package very carefully as it will make the current service expired.

ipc360 cloud

 Cloud storage configuration and functions

 Cloud storage configuration

When the cloud storage function is activated, please make sure that the “video upload” button is on. You can set up cloud as your video storage location in Camera Setting-Video storage location-cloud, and turn on the upload button, otherwise the video won’t be uploaded to cloud

ipc360 Cloud storage configuration


ipc360 Cloud storage configuration

 Replay cloud video

On live stream page or through “check my cloud space”, you can replay the cloud video by dragging timeline to the sections showed in green color.

ipc360 Replay cloud video

Download cloud video

When you replay cloud video, it is simple to save MP4 video file or JPEG image file on your mobile phone by tapping 7.Cloud storage 6 or 7.Cloud storage 7 icon. You can find the files in album page and simply share them on social medias.


  1. Laura Newby

    I ordered “event” first, then changed to “continuous”. I paid for it and “activated” it, but it still shows that I have event and need to activate it. I put in the code and it says that it is successful. However, it shows event, after a number of days. Now what?

  2. Tim Bishop

    I have subscribed to the cloud storage but I don’t get any green bars to replay saved video? How can I make sure my camera is recording?
    Thank you.

  3. cheap vps server

    This page certainly has all the info I needed concerning
    this subject and didn’t know who to ask.

  4. Shawn

    Does the 530 have cloud storage? I can click on the icon but nothing happens.

  5. Harry

    Hi, I have 3 cameras on my account. Does each camera need to have its own clown subscription payment? Or does the monthly payment cover all cameras on the account?


  6. Jackie

    I previously purchased a camera and purchased cloud storage for that camera.

    Am adding two additional cameras. Do I need to purchase cloud storage separately for each of the new cameras? Or can they be added to the cloud storage I purchased previously for my original camera?

    • 行政


      yes,you need to purchase cloud storage separately for each of the new cameras

      • Des

        I read on Amazon reviews that up to 20 cameras can share the same cloud account, that’s why I bought four! Is this correct?

      • Michael K West

        How stupid is that? Totally finding a new source or camera system if this is the way it is!! I think you should allow more than one camera for your service!! Not an extra service per camera!! What a rip off!!!

  7. Alain


    Comment lire une vidéo enregistré sur le cloud lorsque la camera est débranchée ou hors ligne ?


  8. Christina Paal

    When i press “ purchase cloud storage service” is loads and brings me back to the main menu. I’ve tried clicking it but it never opens. What can i do

  9. Abu Rashid

    I have recently purchased few cameras and started using with ipc android app. If I purchase cloud storage, can I download the videos from the cloud server directly with web browser ? I saw a comments to download the video from cloud, I need to re-play the stored video an then press record button and this is how the video can be recorded, but I want to download directly from clould server, is it possible? Please confirm.

  10. James Helm

    I have signed up for trial cloud storage but even though it says active it does not work. Any suggestions?

  11. King

    hi, how do i delete video files from the cloud storage? thanks

  12. janus

    If my ipc360 turn off unexpectedly (weak network etc.), will it still keep recording in cloud storage?

  13. Jang

    I want to slice video in cloud storage.

    For example, after I recorded whole day, I only want to extract video from 01:00 ~ 02:00 AM.

    My service plan is ‘motion store pro’ and It doesn’t seem to support it.

    I only can store video by recording button.

    Is there any other plan which supports video slicing from previous recording in cloud?

  14. Noreen Thomas

    I am having trouble with my video feed from my Alert. When I enter the alert, I receive a message, “Nor Alert Message.” Please purchase cloud storage service to avoid missing alert video.” I have purchased cloud service and I have 331 days 1 hour left on my cloud contract. What is the problem. Why can’t I download my alert videos? My cloud status is “Active”. Please help.

  15. Charl de Kock

    I purchased annual cloud storage for my device. Money has left my account, but I cannot use the storage.Can you please advise on contact details to get this resolved.

  16. JK

    On 3/28/20 I purchased the yearly cloud storage. I tried to use it but it kept saying I had no purchases. So today (4/3/20) I purchased it again. I checked my credit card account and it shows a payment on 3/28 and again today. How do I get a refund on the first purchase that didn’t work?

  17. Jeannie King

    On 3/28/20 I purchased the yearly cloud storage. I tried to use it but it kept saying I had no purchases. So today (4/3/20) I purchased it again. I checked my credit card account and it shows a payment on 3/28 and again today. How do I get a refund on the first purchase that didn’t work?

  18. Donna Schultz

    We have purchased two cameras for my place of business. The cameras work and I have paid for cloud storage for a year. I am not able to access any cloud storage and therefore I am not able to see any recorded playback video. What can I do to fix this?

  19. Sam barlow

    Why does the cloud storage not continuously record?

  20. Jamie

    I hit record & am unable to find my recordings. I have the cloud storage so where do I find my recordings?

  21. Users

    Can I delete video from cloud?

  22. Marshall Dillon

    I do not want cloud storage. I bought an SD card to loop record the video on. I cannot get that to work. Any ideas before Isend this one back?

  23. elizabeth jones

    I keep getting a message to renew the icloud storage plan. I wasn’t intending to keep any of my recordings of my pet. How can I stope receiving these messages please?

  24. Lucas

    Whats rtsp protocol url?
    Is there a configuration page to change the bit rate and frame?

  25. Thomas

    Everytime i try to purchase cloud storage it says it can’t display the page. Absolute joke. Make the app work properly for god sake.

  26. Manish

    how to view cloud video on desktop or browser

  27. Daniel Schoeffler

    I have purchased the cloud storage and when I go to review the footage there is nothing saved.

  28. Darlene

    There is a big images that pops up over the option to view my cameras regarding cloud storage. I can’t get rid of it. This happens on my iPad. Why is this and how do I get rid of it?

  29. Cassie Isza

    I updated my app today (before everything was working fine) but now the video doesnt upload to my cloud service. I paid for thr continuous recording. I attempted to uninstall app and reinstall it I deleted the device a million times and reestablished the connection. nothing is working.

  30. Tony Hutchens

    Hi, I have 2 cameras on my account. Does each camera need to have its own clown subscription payment? Or does the monthly payment cover all cameras on the account?


  31. Teresa Kelly

    I already have a cloud account on my iPhone. Can I connect my ipc360 app to that account. I don’t want to have to pay for another cloud account. If I can use the cloud on my iPhone, how do I link the camera to it. Thanks in advance. My cloud account email is teenoam50 @gmail .com

  32. Jo Fletcher

    Hello i have renewed my cloud storage but it isn’t working i would like a refund

  33. Mandy Jenkins

    I purchased the Event Pro but the cloud is not recording my alerts. How can I fix this on the app?

  34. Marcos Raso

    Bom dia, uma consulta, estou gravando sem problemas na nuvem, configurei tudo data hora, mais quando eu vejo as gravações pelo celular, se eu gravar e salvar no celular, no vídeo salvo não aparece data e hora.
    Existe outra maneira de eu acessar as gravações em nuvem e que salve com data e hora quando eu exporto ou gravo um pedaço do que foi gravado na nuvem?

  35. Teno

    I wish they had a way to delete cloud footage, because mine takes 24hrs to be able to see the footage from the current day. I have to wait & then once it’s ready, I have to browse thru more then 7 days of footage, when I am on the 7 day plan ? It’s like it’s saving stuff for 3 weeks ?

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