8.Camera shooting angle &Mounting type

In term of vision field, camera can be classified as panoramic type and common type, each one of which has its suitable shooting angel and mounting method.

Panoramic camera

Three options of shooting angles are available for panoramic camera

ipc360 Panoramic camera

(1)Horizontal:Mount on the wall or table with lens facing horizontal level;

(2)Overlook:Mount on the ceiling with lens facing down;

(3)Look up:Mount on the table with lens facing up.

In the status of overlook/look up, tap on the icon

8.Camera shooting angle &Mounting type 1

to get various viewing modes.

Common camera

Two options of shooting angels are available for common camera

ipc360 Common camera

(1)Horizontal—normal:mount on the table

(2)Horizontal—reverse:mount on the ceiling

8.Camera shooting angle &Mounting type 2
8.Camera shooting angle &Mounting type 3


  1. mariano

    I mounted a common camera on the wall, is there any way to shoot the video in vertical ways?

  2. Rudy gabriele

    I just want the camera to be stationary focusing on a doorway to see in and out activity does this camera do what I’m looking for

  3. Nicole Mitchell

    How do I record for more than 10 seconds or whatever it is recording for at the min? I can’t seem to change the recording time so I can record for a long period of time! Please could you advise me on how to change this? Thank you 🙂

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