6.APP setting—setting page

ipc360 APP setting—setting page


  1. Natalie

    I recently purchased a Victure PC730 and have installed the IPC360 app to be able to view my CCTV video footage. I shared the camera with another person via the app, however the person who I have shared the camera with cannot see alerts and past clips, nor can he scroll back in the video timeline, it says he does not have authorisation. I cannot find via the app how to provide permission for him to do this. Please can you help?

  2. Dee Blakeney

    what is Cloud/TF I want to know what is TF ?

  3. Bosse Forshill

    vad gör för att få meddelande vid alarm till min iPhone ?

  4. edison

    Why i can not connect my camera to my phone? i did reset on camera and chosen the wifi, thanks

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