#Replay – I downloaded ‘ONVIF … by jfred79

I downloaded ‘ONVIF Device Manger’ (ODM from here on) from source forge. It is an ONVIF device management suite. I enabled ONVIF on my camera’s via the IPC360 app and then within ODM I was able to set it to static and set the IP.

Another option is to set a DHCP reservation on the DHCP server for your LAN network so that the camera will always pull the same IP.

As far as the personal cloud or FTP server, no. What you can do is enable ONVIF and if your have a compatible DVR that support the ONVIF protocol you can use that or if it supports RTSP then you can add the RTSP stream for recording. The format for the RTSP stream is: rtsp://admin:password@192.168.1.x:554/liveĀ  Where password is the password set in the ONVIF settings of the app and the ip address is that of the camera.

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