5.Alert function—message page

 Enable/Disable alert function

On “My Camera” page, tap on 5.Alert function—message page 1or 5.Alert function—message page 2 icon to turn off/on alert function. When the camera detects a moving object, it generates an alert message, and the cloud server then sends it to your APP.

The message shows up at the bottom of APP 5.Alert function—message page 3 and the alert video will be recorded on a memory card or cloud (cloud storage could be subscribed).

 Message check & download

Tap on5.Alert function—message page 3 to enter message page

5.Alert function—message page 5


  1. You can only download alert videos when you have a Micro SD card in the camera or your cloud storage function is subscribed.
  2. Micro SD card should be ONLY inserted/removed when the camera is powered off. Incorrect operation may cause failure of downloading.
  3. Please return and try again if the network connection causes failure of downloading.

Once alert image is downloaded, tap on it to replay the alert video accordingly.

ipc360 Message check and download
ipc360 Message check and download 2

Alert setting

Tap on the icon 5.Alert function—message page 6 on the top left corner of the message page to enter the setting page, on which you can turn on/off alert function, set alert time, sensitivity and your preferred parameter.

Tap on“Reset” to set alert time and sensitivity.

ipc360 Alert setting

Select your preferred alert time and sensitivity then tap “OK”.


  1. Jw


    What is alert sesitivity in meters

    • admin


      The larger the picture changes, the easier it is to detect. There is no specific distance.

  2. Martin Stone

    Can multiple devices receive the alert message or is it only the main account?

  3. Lorenzo

    Is it possible to set a call when the movement is detected?

  4. Edoardo

    Is there any way to avoid the alarm sound coming from the camera???

  5. Regina Clinton

    The app does not seem to be communicating with my iPhone 11. I am not receiving any alerts.

  6. Jennifer Vilott

    We have three accounts accessing our cameras as we have caregivers. But I am the only one able to set up alerts and motion detection. When we try to set them up it says not authorized. How can we resolve this?

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