3.Add a camera

Power on the camera and wait for 40-50 seconds until the red status light is flashing, which means the camera is booted up. If the status light is not flashing or flashing green light, please press the reset button for 1-2 sends until you heard “Di-di” sound with red indicator light blinking. When the camera’s booted up normally, tap on3.Add a camera 5 to add new camera in the main interface after log in.(Please choose Wire/Wireless mode accordingly)

ipc360 add camera

Wireless mode

Connect camera to Wi-Fi(5G frequency is not supported)

3.Add a camera 6If you are using dual band wireless router, please make sure the 2.4G SSID is not the same as 5G SSID, otherwise you may be connected to 5G WiFi, which will cause failure to connect your camera online.

3.Add a camera 7
ipc360 2.4g wifi

1) Please turn up the volume of your mobile phone and approach to the camera, then tap “Next” to move on. It will take a few seconds after you have entered the password for Wi-Fi connection.

2) When the camera makes a “Ding-dong” sound, please tap “Next” and wait for connection to the network;

3) When you hear “Camera Ready”, please wait until the APP displays the page for you to name your camera. Then you can name the camera or jump to the next step to view the camera video.

Wire mode    

3.Add a camera 8

Only available for the model with Ethernet interface

1) Use an Ethernet cable to connect camera to router according to APP instruction , then tap “next”;

2) APP will start to search for camera automatically until all available cameras are shown on the list in the order of their Mac addresses. Choose one of the cameras to add to your account and wait for the status light to turn green along with a “Ding-dong” Sound.

3) When you hear “Camera Ready”, please wait until the APP displays the page for you to input the name of the camera. Then name the camera or jump to the next step to view the camera video.


  1. Vicky

    I have fish eye 360 camera i used this camera but old email and password forgot and reseterd new id when i installed camera he soon old name and next proced but this cant add

  2. Vicky

    This camera has been paired with another account tap continue to pair with another camera DC07C1F905C4

  3. Chris Gibbons

    Hi my camera won’t reset it stopped working a month ago nothing happens when I push reset button

  4. Michael Sullivan

    Unable to re-connect my IPC360 to my iPhone X

  5. Tadej Kos

    My red light won’t start up flashing. Even if I press reset button for 2 seconds, the light doesn’t start flashing.



  7. Anna

    Have the camera for over a year, worked perfectly fine. Suddenly stopped working. When trying to start up again, the ‘ding dong, ; next’ line apperars but without any sound. From there, it’s not possible to get it up and running again.
    Can you help?

  8. Evamae La Voy

    I am having trouble trying to figure out why i am off line

  9. Jamie Slaney


    We bought the IPC victure 730 camera last year, a friend set it all up to work wirelessly for us. We have replaced the WiFi router yesterday due to ongoing internet issues with Sky. The new WiFi is all set up. The camera doesn’t work which makes sense since the previous WiFi router has been disconnected.

    I’ve looked at the advice on the app and attempted to connect to the new WiFi to enable the camera to broadcast to our devices again. I’ve tried a few times to set it up. I don’t have access to the manual. However I can’t access the reset button and see no flashing light. Are you able to help me go through the process to connect it to the new WiFi please? The camera is still in its normal place above our garage door plugged in and Just about within reach for me.

    Thanks for your help.

    Kind regards,

    Jamie Slaney

  10. ben

    I have 2 cameras. is it possible to view them both at the same time, side by side?

  11. josh

    heyy im trying to have ma ipc360 cam to work on my phone and computer at work but i hae no idea om now to connect it to the computer i need some help

  12. Angelo

    Good morning.
    I changed the password of my wifi and I tried to reconfigure my IP camera.
    I did everything needed with the right steps, but it seems that I’m not allowed to add the device in the app.
    It’s really frustrating.
    Please help.
    Thank you.

  13. Emanuel Canela

    How many cameras can I have linked to the same account

  14. Ron

    Why does my V360 go to black and white instead of color sometimes?

  15. Eddie Melton

    Eddie Melton

  16. Lori

    2 IPC360 Cameras will not install on Xfinity 2.4g network. Had both cameras working with iPhone11 on AT&T. Neither camera will connect and sound the “DingDong”.

  17. Peter Thompson

    Camera won’t rest. Red light is solid and reset button does nothing.
    Any ideas?

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